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Can a woman pray wearing Niqab?

Can A Woman Pray Wearing Niqab? –Answered by Shaykh Uthaymeen

by Can A Woman Pray Wearing Niqab? Answered by Shaykh Uthaymeen (rahimahullaah)


Noble Shaykh, may Allah preserve you, what is the ruling for the woman wearing gloves and niqab while she establishes the prayer?

Shaykh Uthaymeen:

As for her wearing gloves, then no problem if she is not in a state of Ihram (performing the rites of Hajj). As for wearing niqab then she has no need to wear niqab if there are no men around her, those who are not her close relatives. (Meaning those she can never marry) Thus she uncovers her face and she does not wear niqab.

As for if there are men around her who are not her close relatives then she drapes her khimar over her face such that they do not see her. And when she wants to prostrate she uncovers her face so that her forehead can directly touch the place of prostration.

Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee Masjid Tawheed wa Sunnah


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