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Advice to those using the Internet and how should the woman behave when it comes to the net?

Some Valuable Advice To Those Using The Internet and How should the woman behave when it comes to the internet?-Shaykh Ubaid Al-Jabiri

by Some Valuable Advice To Those Using The Internet Shaykh Ubaid Al-Jabiri (hafidhahullaah)

The first question oh Shaykh, May Allah preserve you:

What is your advice to those people who use the internet bearing in mind the evils that have occurred there lately?

The internet as it appears to me, rather I am certain that it is a double bladed sword. It is obligatory upon those who use the internet not to be excessive. As some people spend many hours on there. Maybe staying awake for many nights and the time of fajr passes them by or other than it from the obligatory acts.

They might pray Fajr with the congregation but possibly they miss other things which are an obligation upon them. This is a mistake.

Likewise we advise them not to follow everything that it is spread on the internet, as the majority of time what a person spends on the NET is wasteful.

Or he might find that which contains no benefit.

I advise them to benefit themselves with knowledge of the religion and not to fill their time with that which is spread on the NET except if it is religious knowledge that will give them some understanding of the religion of Allah.

This is my advice, may Allah bless you.


How should the woman behave when it comes to the internet?

We also warn the women against spending too much time sitting on the Net because the woman will come across more articles than the men, especially if she visits the different sites and loves to view what is being spread on each web site, and in reality this is very dangerous for her.

Also if she spreads something (upon the net) then she is exposing herself to be harmed by the sick hearted from amongst the men.

I advise those who have the ability to do so, to rarely use this internet. And if she was to use it, then to visit those trustworthy sites where only the Salafis post. And if she was to post (something) then she should only spread that which can be benefited from, like biographies of some of the noble people of knowledge and Imams or a piece of research relating to a fiqh issue that everyone can benefit from.

As for her taking it upon herself to do that which the men undertake from refutations and replying to various statements then this would expose her to an unpleasant result. It is possible that men with sick hearts might enter using female names, and their intent behind that is to harm the believing women.

I hold that it is better for religion and honor not to enter this (arena). Her noble brothers from the people of knowledge will suffice her, but if she uses the internet then with the guidelines (mentioned earlier).

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