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Laila Naseeba

has any one heard of this issue?

Laila Nasheeba's lie against the Major Scholars of Islaam

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Some time ago we stumbled upon an evil and arrogant article placed on-line at . This site is hosted by a Muslim woman who has given herself the title of "Student of Knowledge" as well as having studied with "Scholars of Islaam" such as the likes of Muhammad Sa'eed Adly and his cronies in South Carolina. These individuals are well connected to Waleed Basyouni and Dr. Muhammad Al-Jibaaly who wear the cloak of Salafiyyah but underneath they are only wolves against the minhaaj of the Salaf growling and waiting to attack it. We found nothing but deviance and misguidance within this site and by the permission of Allaah we hope to point out in future refutations their errors and warn others until the authors of this website repent or remove their misguided content. We fear that their article will misguide or lead astray the innocent and new Muslims and cause doubts in the hearts of the Salafeeyoon here in the West. Noble Reader, you will find the text of what Laila Nasheeba wrote and thereafter you will find our refutation. May Allaah cause it to correct this affair which has plagued the youth from amongst the Salafeeyoon which is the disease of disrespecting the 'Ulemaa. To proceed, we begin with the actual deviant text of Laila Nasheeba: WHY ARE THE ISLAMIC SCHOLARS SILENT?? By Laila Nasheeba Since the tragic events of September eleventh, Muslims and non-Muslims alike have lived in confusion and fear. Turn on a television and you see Muslim populated countries in a panic, yet the Islamic scholars of those countries remain silent. You see young boys awaiting orders to bomb themselves, and young men engaged in acts of violence and destruction, yet the Islamic scholars remain silent. Speeches are made calling for a Holy War and decisions are issued against the laws of Islam, yet the Islamic scholars remain silent. Instead of the scholars speaking out to explain the Islamic faith and clear the misconceptions about Jihad and terrorism; and instead of explaining the misunderstandings the Muslims themselves have about Islam, the scholars remain silent. In this article, we will attempt to ease the confusion and calm the fears of the many, as we speak out about the Islamic faith. The western world is horrified at how could anyone hijack an airplane and then fly it into a building killing not only themselves but thousands of innocent people as well, in the name of God. What kind of religion would allow such a thing? What kind of people would belong to such a barbaric way of life? The religion in question is Islam and the people in question are called Muslims. Islam is the second largest religion in the world and the number one growing religion in the west. It would be ludicrous to assume that all people attracted to Islam are suicidal, violent and aggressive.. Just as Christianity has its Charles Manson, Bundy, Mcveigh and Jeffrey Dahmer, so does Islam have its radicals. We cannot judge a religion or nation of people by the acts of a few. Just as Christianity does not condone acts of mass murder, cannibalism or terrorism, neither does Islam condone the acts of suicide, or the killing of innocent people. In fact, Islam abhors these things. The teachings of Islam are based on two things, the Holy Quran and the sayings and doings of the Prophet Muhammad which are known as Hadiths. All followers of Islam must live their lives in accordance to the Quran and the Hadiths. Here is what the Quran has to say about suicide: "O ye who believe! Eat not up your property among yourselves in vanities: but let there be amongst you traffic and trade by mutual good-will: nor kill (or destroy) yourselves: for verily Allah hath been to you Most Merciful." [Chapter 4 verse 29] The Prophet Muhammad also forbade suicide: "He who commits suicide by throttling shall keep on throttling himself in the Hell Fire (forever) and he who commits suicide by stabbing himself shall keep on stabbing himself in the Hell-Fire." [Bukhari 2.446] Suicide is such an abominable act that the Prophet Muhammad even refused to offer the funeral prayer for a person whom had killed himself. Also, in another instance, a man had fought bravely in a war and became wounded. So great was his pains that he took his own life. The Prophet had this to say about the man for taking his life: "There was a man who fought most bravely of all the Muslims on behalf of the Muslims in a battle (Ghazwa) in the company of the Prophet. The Prophet looked at him and said. "If anyone would like to see a man from the people of the Fire, let him look at this (brave man)." On that, a man from the People (Muslims) followed him, and he was in that state i.e., fighting fiercely against the pagans till he was wounded, and then he hastened to end his life by placing his sword between his breasts (and pressed it with great force) till it came out between his shoulders. Then the man (who was watching that person) went quickly to the Prophet and said, "I testify that you are Allah's Apostle!" The Prophet asked him, "Why do you say that?" He said, "You said about so-and-so, 'If anyone would like to see a man from the people of the Fire, he should look at him.' He fought most bravely of all of us on behalf of the Muslims and I knew that he would not die as a Muslim (Martyr). So when he got wounded, he hastened to die and committed suicide." Thereupon the Prophet said, "A man may do the deeds of the people of the Fire while in fact he is one of the people of Paradise, and he may do the deeds of the people of Paradise while in fact he belongs to the people of Fire, and verily, (the rewards of) the deeds are decided by the last actions (deeds)." [Bukhari 8.604] Just as Islam abhors the taking of ones life, it also speaks against the taking of any human life unjustly. Says the Holy Quran: "And do not take any human beings life, life which God has willed to be sacred..."[Chapter 17 verse 33] So as one can see, Islam does not encourage nor condone acts of suicide or the taking of innocent lives, and to blame Islam for these acts is wrong. Where then does the term Jihad come into play? You hear Muslim people all over the world using this term as they violently protest against America. What does this mean? Again, just as Christianity has its people who twist the words of the Bible to suit their needs, so does Islam. How many have been the so-called Christians who have bombed abortion clinics in the name of God and when asked why they did it they said because they have declared war against those who reject Gods commands. Such is the case with Islam. Unfortunately, just as non-Muslims do not know or understand what Jihad is, many Muslims do not know or understand it as well. First of all, Jihad does not mean Holy War and we challenge anyone to show where in Islam it is used to mean that. Jihad in Islam refers to the spiritual struggle against evil. In the linguistic sense, the Arabic word "Jihad" means struggling or striving and applies to any effort exerted by anyone. It does not mean or imply a holy war. The Prophet Muhammad said, "The best Jihad is by the one who strives against himself for Allah (God)." The Quran goes even further in its description of Jihad and tells the Muslims how to perform Jihad against the non-Muslims: "So obey not the disbelievers but make a good effort (Jihad) against them by preaching the Quran..." [Chapter 25 verse 52] As one can see, making war against those who do not practice Islam is not affiliated with the term Jihad. Jihad should be made against those who do not believe in Islam by teaching them the religion. The only time Muslims are to become combative in regards to their religion is if they are being oppressed terrorized or prevented from practicing Islam. In this case they are commanded to rise up against oppression and tyranny as stated in the Quran: "And what is the matter with you that you do not fight in the cause of Allah and for those weak, ill treated and oppressed among men, women and children whose only cry is; 'Our Lord, rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors and raise for us from you one who will protect and raise for us from you one who will help" [Chapter 4 verse 75] Even when combative, Islam has many strict rules that must be observed for the Muslims. They cannot fight those who are not fighting against them, nor can they kill innocent people, women or children. Neither can they destroy buildings or even trees. Says the Quran: "And fight in the way of Allah those who fight you but do not transgress the limits for Allah loves not the transgressors. ." [Chapter 2 verse 190] Also: "Allah does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who fought not against you on account of religion, nor drove you out of your homes. Indeed, Allah loves those who deal with equity" [Chapter 60 verse 8] Finally, as if this isn't enough, Islam even tells who is permitted to actually fight combatively. Says the Quran: "They are those who have been expelled from their homes in defiance of right, for no cause except that they say, 'Our Lord is Allah.' Did not Allah check one set of people by means of another, there would surely have been pulled down monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, in which the name of Allah is commemorated in abundant measure..." [Chapter 22 verse 40] In view of all this, why then are Muslim people in an uproar against America? Has America oppressed or prevented anyone from being Muslim? Has America expelled people from their homes for practicing Islam? Are these people justified Islamically to declare a war against America? These are very good questions and we shall now attempt to answer them. America has laws that guarantee every citizen of its country the right to practice any religion desired, and there are even laws to protect an individual from mistreatment because of religion. One out of every ten people in the United States is Muslim and none of them are being oppressed or expelled from their homes as a result of their religion. Nor is America engaged in expelling or oppressing anyone else in any other part of the world for religious reasons either. Therefore one cannot justify a combative Jihad against America. The conditions simply do not exist. However, those persons who are actively engaged in war with America have the right to defend their country, just as America has the right to defend itself too; but this should not be confused as being a combative effort against tyranny. As expressed earlier, many Muslims themselves do not understand the concept of Jihad and just as Christians have gotten away from reading their Holy books, the same can be said of Muslims. Instead of taking the time to read and educate themselves of their way of life, Muslims have become lazy and instead listen to the opinions and misinterpretations presented to them by wayward individuals. Islam teaches to not follow anyone blindly; however Muslims have gotten away from the fundamental teachings of Islam and as a result, we have Muslim youths following the sayings of any tough talking radical that comes along. And here is where the Islamic scholars of the Muslim world should step in. Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and all the other so-called Islamic countries have scholars. These scholars should be speaking out and defending Islam in its true form. They should be angered at seeing how wayward radicals have defile Islam. They should be even angrier at how Muslim youths are easily misled away from the teachings of the Quran and Islam's Prophet Muhammad. They should be making use of all forms of the media and holding interviews to clear up the misconceptions of Islam. They should be talking to the youth of their country explaining to them what Jihad really is. They should explain that the only war that has been waged against Islam is the one perpetrated by those professing to be Muslim. In short, the scholars should strive to make effort (Jihad) to release Islam from those who have hijacked, imprisoned and distorted it while shaming the Muslim world. The Prophet Muhammad said that the Muslims would never be dominated by a foreign enemy who will take their lives and destroy them. Instead it will be from the Muslims themselves that some will kill and imprison others while perpetrating Islam. [Muslim 1342] This is something to think about as we ask, Why Are The Islamic Scholars Silent. End of Laila Nasheeba's deviant article. The Actual Facts: Confirmation of the Major Scholars of Islaam Speaking Against the Events of 9/11 It would have been better and more sufficient for this sister to consult the people of knowledge before writing this article as well as giving it the title she chose. The action of seeking knowledge would have lead her to the statements of the major scholars of Islaam as well as the statements of their students concerning the September 11th incident. With the advent of the telephone and the ease of telecommunications, our dear sister in Islaam could have easily contacted the major scholars of Islaam throughout the Muslim world before typing a title that is distorted and far from the truth. If she was not able to communicate in the Arabic language to consult with the major scholars, then she could have contacted the callers of Islaam here in the West who are known for their Salafeeyah. We have with us many brothers who have studied and know the major scholars of Islaam and who could have shed light on this particular subject for her. Our aim here is not to attack her entire article nor the sister herself but to clarify a misconception. On September 11, 2001, the major scholars of Islaam did in fact speak out against this act and remained far from silent in educating the masses of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. And as you will see, Noble Readers in Islaam, that after establishing the statements of the major scholars of Islaam against the September 11th incident and the proof that they did not remain silent on that day leaves our sister Laila Nasheeba as one of two persons: She is either ignorant of the statements of the major scholars of Islaam and their students or she is a follower of her own desires. So if she is ignorant of this fact, then we ask that Allaah Most High guide her to the truth and free her from her ignorance. If she is a follower of her own desires and rejects the truth, then we pray that Allah will break her backbone. And if this speech causes the one who reads this to shutter with absolute disbelief, then you should know dear brothers and sisters in Islaam (may Allaah bless you all), that one who was better than us in knowledge and in actions, the Muhadith of this Age, the Allamah, Shaykh Naasir used to use this same statement when refuting the speech of the one who was ignorant or pretending to be ignorant. Immediately after the September 11th incident, several well- known Salafi sites launched by the minor students of knowledge here in the West set up live lectures followed by Question and Answer sessions with the Major Scholars of Islaam. Many of those who participated in these lectures and broadcasted the statements of the Ulamaa were, SalafiPublications. com, and Fatwa-Online. com, may Allaah reward them immensely for their efforts. Amongst the Major Scholars of Islaam who rushed to advise the Salafeeyoon and rectify the Ummah were: Shiekh Ubayd Al-Jaabiree, Faalih Al-Harbee, The Council of Senior Scholars in Saudia Arabia, The students of Shaikh Naasir may Allaah have mercy upon him in Jordan, may Allaah guide them back and make them correct their affairs, Saalih Ibn Sa'd as-Suhaymee, 'Abdul-Maalik Ramadaanee Al-Jazaa'iree, and a host of others from amongst the Major Scholars of Islaam and their statements. If sister Laila wishes to hear their naseehah and their defense of Islaam, then please visit the sites listed above. Several of these sites have Real Audio lectures available to listen to. All of these efforts were done the week of September 11th, 2001. So now what do you say, oh Miskeenah? Do you still have the audacity to utter for a second time your evil and vile words:
"Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and all the other so-called Islamic countries have scholars. These scholars should be speaking out and defending Islam in its true form. They should be angered at seeing how wayward radicals have defile Islam. They should be even angrier at how Muslim youths are easily misled away from the teachings of the Quran and Islam's Prophet Muhammad. They should be making use of all forms of the media and holding interviews to clear up the misconceptions of Islam. They should be talking to the youth of their country explaining to them what Jihad really is. They should explain that the only war that has been waged against Islam is the one perpetrated by those professing to be Muslim. In short, the scholars should strive to make effort (Jihad) to release Islam from those who have hijacked, imprisoned and distorted it while shaming the Muslim world."
And it is established that there exists a Muslim country in our times, it is the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia the land of Tawheed, the only land of the Major Scholars that calls to this blessed dawah with Baseerah and Hikmah. So We say to you Miskeenah, Learn! Learn! Learn! So now sister Laila Al-Miskeenah must understand two things: The flesh of the scholar is poisonous as Al-Hafidh ibn Asaakir said, "Know O my brother-may Allaah awaken you and I to his pleasure and make us of those who have deep fear and piety in Him as we should have-that the flesh of the scholars is poisonous. It is well known that Allaah will expose those who seek to revile and belittle them and whoever lets loose his tongue by insulting and belittling the scholars, then Allaah will cause his heart to die before he actually dies." Tabyeen Kadthibil Muftaree p.29 This article, "Why Are the Islamic Scholars Silent??", is a disrespectful article regarding the major scholars of Islaam. The 'Ulemaa do not live in caves, nor are they in some monastery making dhikr all day. They know the current affairs that are afflicting the Ummah and have been addressing them before sister Laila, ourselves, and the rest of the Muslim youth in the USA were even getting our diapers changed! They have spent their entire lives reading, learning, memorizing, applying and teaching Islaam. How true is the hadeeth of 'Abdullaah Ibn Masood when he said: "How will you be when you are covered by a trial in which the young grow up and the old become infirm. If anything of it is abandoned it is said: The Sunnah has been abandoned. It was said: When will that occur, O Aboo 'Abdur Rahman? He said: When your scholars pass away, and those ignorant amongst you become many; when those who recite amongst you are many, but those who have understanding of the religion are few; when your leaders are many, but those who are trustworthy are few; when this world is sought with actions of the Hereafter; and when knowledge is sought for other than the Religion." Reported by ad-Daarimee (1/64), Al-Laalikaa' ee (no.123), Al-Haakim(4/ 514) and others, with saheeh chain of narration. And Allaah knows best.
Those dependent on Allaah,
The Brothers of

taken from: http://web.archive. org/web/20041013 102009/www. tazkiyah. org/readarticle. php?II=IKWN- 00003


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