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I've Been Tagged!!! Gotcha

As salaamou alikum Umm Travis Tagged me now Now Sister Dc lol I was Being lazy but Masha allah this is of some benefit sorry ladies for being lazy. Please for Give me!!

Sister Dc this is here link she is a good sister and Above is Sister Amatuallah_ummTravis Link Both of them Are Great enjoy there blogs. insha allah

Aaisha .Ummismail

Link back to the person who tagged you.List 3 ahadith you’d like to pin up in your masjid and why.Tag some of your fellow bloggers by linking to them in your post and don’t forget to post a comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been tagged.

Volumn 004, Book 056, Hadith Number 808.
Narated By 'Ali : I relate the traditions of Allah's Apostle to you for I would rather fall from the sky than attribute something to him falsely. But when I tell you a thing which is between you and me, then no doubt, war is guile. I heard Allah's Apostle saying, "In the last days of this world there will appear some young foolish people who will use (in their claim) the best speech of all people (i.e. the Qur'an) and they will abandon Islam as an arrow going through the game. Their belief will not go beyond their throats (i.e. they will have practically no belief), so wherever you meet them, kill them, for he who kills them shall get a reward on the Day of Resurrection."

Now this stands out to me because its the Darn Truth, it is True Knowledge will Die with the Learned men of this Blessed Deen. And it is Clear People Speak with out Knowledge which is a Major Sin Islam. Subhana Allah!!

2. Volumn 001, Book 004, Hadith Number 184.
Narated By Asma' bint Abu Bakr : I came to 'Aisha the wife of the Prophet during the solar eclipse. The people were standing and offering the prayer and she was also praying. I asked her, "What is wrong with the people?" She beckoned with her hand towards the sky and said, "Subhan Allah." I asked her, "Is there a sign?" She pointed out, "Yes." So I, too, stood for the prayer till I fell unconscious and later on I poured water on my head. After the prayer, Allah's Apostle praised and glorified Allah and said, "Just now I have seen something which I never saw before at this place of mine, including Paradise and Hell. I have been inspired (and have understood) that you will be put to trials in your graves and these trials will be like the trials of Ad-Dajjal, or nearly like it (the sub narrator is not sure of what Asma' said). Angels will come to every one of you and ask, 'What do you know about this man?' A believer will reply, 'He is Muhammad, Allah's Apostle , and he came to us with self-evident truth and guidance. So we accepted his teaching, believed and followed him.' Then the angels will say to him to sleep in peace as they have come to know that he was a believer. On the other hand a hypocrite or a doubtful person will reply, 'I do not know but heard the people saying something and so I said the same.'"

This is a Describing the Grave and What Got me is of the Believer and Mentioning the a Question being Asked About the PRophet Sallallah alayhi wa salam. it Points out to the importantance of being Obedient TO Allaah and Following who he Sent as warner to Us and Following the Quran and Sunnah. And not to Defer from of the Sunnah of Prophet Sallallah alayhi wa Salaam goes hand in hand it the Quran and Never Separated(quran and Sunna) as Some Muslim Fall into.

3olumn 009, Book 092, Hadith Number 381.
Narated By Hudhaifa : Allah's Apostle said to us, "Honesty descended from the Heavens and settled in the roots of the hearts of men (faithful believers), and then the Quran was revealed and the people read the Quran, (and learnt it from it) and also learnt it from the Sunna." Both Quran and Sunna strengthened their (the faithful believers') honesty. (See Hadith No. 208)

This right is Enough Said Alhamdoulilah!!

Volumn 009, Book 092, Hadith Number 382.
Narated By 'Abdullah : The best talk (speech) is Allah's Book 'Quran), and the best way is the way of Muhammad, and the worst matters are the heresies (those new things which are introduced into the religion); and whatever you have been promised will surely come to pass, and you cannot escape (it).

This is a Extra one but i thought it was wonderful and good reminder so there it is What i would put up in the Masjid. Why? Knowledge is powerful and we should be careful whom we take are Deen from and take it seriously. And the Truth has Been revealed to us by the Mercy of our Lord and we should not be Afraid to be Muslim or Dress Properly ,Ect.... This is the our Faith Upon which we have been given the straight Path why Waste it on this Dunya... To the Extra Hadith i posted Well the best Speech is that of Allaah Azz wal Jal and the Way is that of Muhammad Sallallah alayhi wa salaam. To thats there is nothing added nor nothing taken away from this blessed Deen. If we hold Close to the Al Quran Wa Sunnah by the Understanding if the Pious Predecessors .

If i spoke in error may Allah Help to speak upon Truth and not my opinions Ameen

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