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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Khutbah: Turning Back To Allah

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hijab more than just a covering.

MAsSalaamou alikum I posted this om my facebook and decided to share on my blog as well.

When life gets  to us and beats  down. The first thing that goes is religion...... Hijab, Overgarment, speech and actions ect. People you have stepped away from who were bad influences who didnt remind you of your Lord. Now you hang with, celebrate with freely. All the while your sinking into a black whole. If you haven't  left salaah yet i suggest  keep striving  hang on to it. Eeman goes up and down but you never make it better by slipping in a black whole and forgetting why your here. IM TALKING TO YOU IM TALKING TO MY SELF. HIJAB DOESN'T  MAKE YOU PIOUS BUT IT SHOWS YOU LISTEN AND STRIVE TO OBEY;HIS COMMAND , IN YOUR HEART IS NOT ENOUGH. HIJAB IS NOT IN THE HEART ONLY ITS ON YOUR HEAD COVERING YOUR BODY; THAT COVERS YOUR SPEECH, THAT COVERS YOUR ACTIONS. REMINDS WHAT YOU DO THIS FOR. HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN? WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR FEAR OF ALLAAH? Will we deny the truth have been swallowed in tye black whole of this Dunya we allow life, men, women, children, friends, family to let go of the rope? We see you and how you to be and I'm  sadden by what I see you are failing your self. Just to please the people and to belong. They will never remind of the right thing... no matter what ur naffs say.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The fad following are Desires.

The new or old fad of trying to please the people. From celebrations to clothing to even dating and marrying non muslims. When your weak we do as we please but a true believer will not be enticed  by this Dunya. Not even attractive to them or nothing in it...... But when corrected Your judging me yesssss by whats apparent. Actions speak louder than words ever could. We shouldnt be afraid of people or what they think. My life is not determined by their opinions, honestly we are all lost in the kool aide and need to get back at it. The love of a men or women, money ect  means nothing. But we will put  a man above Allah or problems and even the hustle. Why are we  putting  islam in the back burner?

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