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Greenville S.C First Islamic School /Other info

As salaamou alikuuna,

Greetings Ya'll Masha allah the Upstate area has its first Islamic school in Greenville S.c Called As-Sabeela Academy. If your in the Greenville Area Please Support the school Masha allah So All the Muslim Children can Attended and Gain true benefit. Heres a email I received Pertaining to some Needs of the School.

Assalaamu Alaikum,

On behalf of As-Sabeel Academy, I wanted to inform you about some exciting new deveopments at our school and opportunities for you to get involved. As you know, with the help of Allah and the support of our community, we have finally established our first Islamic School in the South Carolina upstate.

Alhamdulillah, the school is running very smoothly, and I am very impressed with the progress and impact As-Sabeel Academy has had on its students. I can honestly and openly say that I believe our children are more advanced than their public school peers both academically and islamically.

So, how can you be a part of this progress and share in the rewards from Allah?

We have so many opportunities for your involvement. Although we have employed two full-time teachers and one part-time teacher, As-Sabeel Academy is still very dependent on the efforts of community volunteers–and we still need many more volunteers. I would like to highlight three volunteering efforts that I urge everyone to be a part of if they can:

1) Substitute teachers
There are days when our paid staff may get sick or are assigned to some development activity outside of school. When this happens, we rely on volunteers to follow the teacher's instructions and teach as substitute teachers. Volunteers who sign up as substitutes will be asked about their availabilities before they're committed to a day.

2) After-school Program
Starting in November, As-Sabeel Academy will reach out to the community by organizing an after-school program open to all of the community children. Whether or not your child is a student at our school, we will open our classrooms on select days at 3:15pm to what we call the As-Sabeel "Enrichment Hour". During this hour, children will be offered homework help, tutoring, and arts/crafts activities. This exciting program will provide a very academically and creative enriching environment for children to learn and have fun. It will also need a committed group of volunteers to help staff it. For those interested in volunteering or learning more about the "Enrichment Hour", we will be having a meeting on Thursday, November 6, at 3:15pm.

3) Bake Sales
Alhamdulillah, although we held a great fundraiser in Ramadan, we have only collected enough money to fund half of our expenses. Starting in November, we would like to continue the successful bake sales that we held before Ramadan. If you are interested, please volunteer to bring some food or baked sweets on Fridays before the Jumuah prayer. We will sell the food after the Jumuah prayer, with all proceeds going towards school funding.

Do not let the many opportunities pass you by. Your community needs you. Who will support these efforts if you don't? If you are interested in signing up as a volunteer, please email us at
Also, anyone interested in being a part of the school's planning committee, please email me.

Jazakum Allahu khair,

Also They GreenvilleMasjid has a Google Group as Well Search in google groups GreenvilleMasjid.

Also Visit The classes That will be Held in the Week At


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Greenville Masjid Information Center

Greenville Masjid

As salaamou alikum wa Rahmatuallah wa Baraktu The GreenvilleMasjid it's Located @ 96 Meridian Ave.

Taylors, SC 29687 .
Phone: 864-292-2219

**Please Note On Friday"s Jumma is held at the Upstate Islamic Center(UIC) 1601 Clement Drive,Greer,SC Please check Website for Additional information.

Insha allah Make Du'aa and Keep in Mind the Construction of the New Masjid and Islamic School
As- Sabeel Academy << click here.

Also Keep in mind the After school Program"As-Sabeel "Enrichment Hour". refer to below email for Details insha allah. If any Question about Volunteering Refer below as well.

Volunteers Needed !!

Other Local Masjid In the Upstate!!

Clemson Sc

Greenville Masjid News Letter

Upstate Islamic Center

Halal Market: HolyLand International Grocery
200 North PleasantBurg Drive(Unit C)
Greenville SC, 29607

Pita Grille
3217 WadeHampton Boulevard
Taylors, SC , 29687 (864) 292-8200
Pita Grille <<

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