Monday, November 3, 2008

Magnificent Points of Advice for those who have turned to the Way of the Sunnah

As salaamou alikum Sisters this is a Good Article and a Download for a Ebook insha allah enjoy.

Magnificent Points of Advice for those who have turned to the Way of the Sunnah

MashaAllah, this is indeed a good article to read inshaAllah by the brother Abu 'Abdillaah Ahmad bin Muhammad Ash-Shihhee

The 5 advices can be summerized as:

1. Praise and Thank Allah for Granting you this Blessing (for guiding you to the Sunnah)

2. Seeking Knowledge is the foundation for the Correctness of your Repentance.

3. Start Learning the Fundamentals of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah (and why they used to separate themselves from the people of innovations, etc)

4. Do not take knowledge except from the one who is known to be upon the Sunnah (because knowledge protects the one who has it from deviations)
5. The Need for Returning to the Senior Scholars with regard to Important Issues (for example, regarding tabdee and takfeer).

Even though this is a summary, PLEASE take the time to download & read this very beneficial article.. The author brings many examples of persons who have very easily fallen into error regarding this deen, and this is the case of many of use in Trinidad, and Allah's refuge is sought.

The book is published by al-ibaanah and can be downloaded at
Magnificient Points of Advice To who Turned to Way of Sunnah - by Abu 'Abdillaah Muhammad bin Ahmad ash-Shihhee [PDF]


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