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Ramadaan Arabic & Tafseer Lessons

Ramadaan Arabic & Tafseer Lessons

Assalaamu alaikum

After the success of our two month Islamic courses, Arabic-Courses. com presents an exciting and beneficial Arabic & ISLAMIC course for this Ramadaan!

Arabic courses, covering Advance levels, 8th– 26th September 2008

* Book 3 with other important integrated Islamic literature.

Topics covered:

* Chapters 1-17 of the Madeenah Book 3 Series,

* Arabic Grammar…Nahw,

* Arabic Morphology… Sarf,

* Application of the rules of the Arabic and Usool al-Fiqh on aayaat of the Qur’aan and Sunnah,

When we teach arabic, we integrate with it du’aas, verses of the Qur’aan, Hadeeth, and also we integrate into our lessons necessary tools to understand Islamic text, like important principles in usool al fiqh, usool al tafseer, balaaghah and other important sciences. Most importantly for this subject, we teach the REASON why the arabic language is the way it is!! We teach the reasons behind them to help the student understand grammar better and make it easier to memorise.

Our teacher has studied the arabic language for many years, and has completed many important books on the arabic grammar with various scholars of the arabic language, including one who teaches in the Prophets Mosque in Madeenah. He also has had many years of experience teaching arabic from ground level up to and above book 3 of the Madeenah series.

Tafseer, covering tafseer of over 40 soorah of the Qur’aan,

From 8th– 26th September 2008

The Following Soorah’s if the Qur’aan will be covered, in shaa Allaah:

* Juzz Ammaa (completely)

* Soorah Mudathir & Muzammil

* Soorah al-Qamar & Najm,

* Soorah al-Hujuraat

* Soorah Yaa Seen

During these lessons, we will be learning the rules and principles of making tafseer, study some of its sciences and practically applying these rules on the Qur’aan. The student will be giving the opportunity to apply these rules (in a study environment) and will have the opportunity to see and understand what is needed to do tafseer of the Qur’aan.

This is the month of the Qur’aan, and what better way to spend ones Ramadaan than to spend it studying the Book of Allaah.

Basic knowledge of Arabic would be a great help to the student, but is not a requirement.

We will also give the student the opportunity to hear and practice how to correctly recite the verses of the Qur’aan that we study.

This will be taught by Mu’aawiyah Tucker, a student of the Islamic university of Madeenah.

Segregation will be observed.

For more information, please visit our site on:

www.arabic-courses. com

Upon completion of our comprehensive courses in both Arabic and Islamic lessons, all students will be presented with the following:

i) "Certificate of Achievement";

ii) Detailed description of what the student achieved;

iii) Examination results including the final exam;

iv) A "Recognised Letter of Recommendation" for those amongst the Brothers who wish to pursue further studies at the Islamic University of Madeenah. Please note, the "Recognised Letter of Recommendation" is currently only available to participating Brothers as the Islamic University of Madeenah is a male-only University.

* please make sure your firewall is not set to block ads as our site was made using flash 8.

To book or for more information please refer to our website:

E-mail: contact-us@arabic-

www.arabic-courses. com

www.arabic-courses. com


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