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Greeting to you /Fatwa

As salamaou alikum Wa Rahmantuallahi wa baraktou,

I hope everyone is enjoying there 2nd Day of Ramadhaan Masha allah Everything is going well with me Alhamdoulilah. Well here is a Fatwa Pertaining to fasting Enjoy insha allah.

Fatawaa Ash Shaykh Ibn Fawzaan -Kitaabud-Da’wah 1/165,166

Islamically it has been ordained that every Muslim demonstrates respect for the month of Ramadhaan, whether male or female. One should devote himself with the obedience (of Allaah), abstain from the disobedience (of Allaah), and abstain from all sins at all times, especially in Ramadhaan because of the sacredness of this month. Spending the (whole) night watching movies & TV serials that are broadcasted on TV, rented videos or transmitted by satellite dishes, also listening to musical bands and songs, then these are all forbidden, disobedient acts, whether committed in Ramadhaan or any other month. But in Ramadhaan the severity of these sins is greater.

In addition to the above stated prohibited acts that causes sleepless nights, this in turn causes one to sleep during the day which consequently results in the negligence of prescribed Islamic actions such as the daily Salaahs. This is additional disobedience to Allaah.

And this is how disobedient sinful acts draw attention to each other, following one after another, we ask Allaah to save us (from all this).

And for women to go out to the markets & shopping centres is Islamically forbidden, unless if a need arises (for them) to go out. Hence, she may go out as much as she needs to, (firstly) with the conditions:

1) That she is (properly) covered Islaamically;

2) She is modest;

3) She secludes herself from free mixing & talking with men, except if a need arises for her to do so;

4) Without being a subject to temptation.

(Secondly) with the condition that she does not go out for a long time at night, which could be the reason for her to sleep (deeply). And be the cause of preventing her to perform her Salaah at its prescribed time, or a basis of neglecting her husband & children’s rights.

Translator: Zulfiker Ibrahim al-Memoni al-Athari

Date Published: Tuesday, 18 October 2005

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