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What would he do.about the frequent thoughts which will displease Allah

What would he do about the frequent thoughts which (he thinks) do not please Allaahu Ta’aalaa

–Shaykh Saleh Fawzaan by What would he do about the frequent thoughts which (he thinks) do not please Allaahu Ta’aalaa Answered by Shaykh Saleh Fawzaan

The questioner asks: My thoughts often come to me in the things that are displeasing to Allaah and i always reproach myself from these thoughts and i say to myself this is from shaytaan, are the mankind accountable with it? Shaykh Saleh Fawzaan says: No, mankind is not accountable with it, (the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said) “My nation is forgiven for their mistakes and forgetfulness and the things that occur in their minds which they do not talk about or do” your state of hating to talk about it and stating it, this is a sign of faith and you should seek refuge with Allaah from the evil of shaytaan the accursed and you also have to reject those thoughts and avoid its interaction….Yes

Translated by: Umm Abdulazeez Taken from : [Click Here to Watch t


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