Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summarized Points From The Statements Issued.

Summarized Points From The Statements Issued

By Grand Mufti Of Saudi Arabia,

Shaykh Abdul Aziz Al-Ashaykh [Hafidhahullaah]

International community to criminalize acts of abusing great prophets and messengers such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them all)

Appealed to the Ummah to react to any attempt to denigrate Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them all) by strictly adhering to the values advocated by the Prophet (peace be upon them all) instead of unleashing violence against innocent people

Condemnation of the attempts to abuse the Prophet (peace be upon them all) should be within the Law of Allah and Sunnah of the Prophet.

The Muslims should not shed the blood of innocent people, or vandalize private properties or of public institutions

Attacks On Diplomats And Embassies Un-Islamic

Hatred Of Islam Through Such Movies Would Not Harm The Great Personality Of The Prophet (peace be upon them all) Or Any Aspect Of Islam But Would Only Backfire On The People Who Spread Venomous Ideas.

Such Animosity Only Helps In Spreading The Glory Of The Prophet (peace be upon them all) With Greater Vigor

Muslim Rage Is Playing Into The Hands Of Their Enemies When Muslims Attack Innocent People And Set Fire To Public Or Private Institutions. Such Acts, In Fact, Damage The Image Of Islam, A Situation The Enemies Of Islam Seeks To Create. Such Acts Go Against The Teachings Of The Prophet (peace be upon them all) And Are Deplorable.

All Muslims Are Willing To Sacrifice Their Lives And Properties For The Cause Of Their Dear Prophet (peace be upon them all) .

The Goal Of Those Who Abuse Islam And Muslims Is To Divert The Energy Of Muslims From Building Their Nations And Efforts For Unity And Development.


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