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The One Who loves This Life Suffers The Most

The One Who loves This Life Suffers The Most

 by Maktabatul Uthaymeen

 The one who loves the life of this world the most is the one who suffers from it the most. His suffering is of three kinds: his suffering in this life itself as a result of his striving to achieve worldly gains and his competing with its people over them; his suffering in the barzakh because he missed out in this life and regrets his lost opportunities -for now he is on his way to meet Allah in such a state that he wishes he will never meet Him; and his suffering because he did not succeed in finding a substitute for Him in this life. Such a man suffers the most severe torment in the grave as sorrow, grief, regret all eat away at his soul, just in the same way as the worms who are eating away at his body. To summarise, the one who loves the life of this world suffers in this world, in his grave, and on the Day that he meets his Lord, Allah Subahana wa ta’alaa says: ” So do not let their wealth and their children dazzle you. Surely Allah intends to punish them in the life of this world through this, and they themselves will perish while they are disbelievers.”(9:55) One of our righteous, predecessors said about this ayah, “Allah ‘punishes them’ through their striving to acquire this world; ‘they will perish’ as a result of their love for it; ‘while they are disbelievers’ because they have denied the rights which are due to Allah in it.” Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali , Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah Taken from the Book Purification Of The Soul pg 146


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