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Question and Well something to say

Salaamou alikunna Akhwaati, HOw are ya'll doing insha allah I hope everyone is talking advantage of Seeking the night of Power during these Last Days we have in this Blessed month of Ramadhan. I just want to Greet all of you rather connected t me or not and May Allah bless you all,Amin. I have a Question for you??? What is the Best Advice from Quran and Sunnah you have ever Received?? Sisters only Please( this is for everyone but for Me everyone has limitations in My Multiply World)  So again women Only Brothers you and look don't type Shukran. Again the Question is What is the Best Naseehah YOU have ever received from Quran and Sunnah? Rather from Hijab to ones Character!!
I Remember one of the Many i have Received Tactful I might Add and not from So called haraam Police( Which Erks me) I tell u why in a Sec but : Beware whom you take knowledge From the Many dangers in the Ummah we as muslim don't understand. when we become of aware of them stay aware.Rely On Quran and Sunnah and The ones who came before us. with that said one of many masha allaah.

Haraam Police The sincere ones don't bother me hey i can be the popo too masha allah. The ones that have no respect those are the ones who bother me. they Take Enjoining the  Good and forbidding the evil to another level The harshness is unbelievable, But I will Flip this Coin and say the few of them there
People we deal with, amongst them are those who don't have Character, Religion, Morals, Or spreading there Sins like Wild fire are the main ones who complain of harshness and Some one Judging Them. (Clearing Throat) Stop playing a victim and  Listen for once some one care enough for yr well being to help u To Fear Your Lord. Something you might have forgotten( if you say no you fear I dare you think I don't) And whosoever fears Allâh and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty) 65:2.Well your still not listening Even your own Lord tells to Fear him and gives you the Reason Why, Your Prophet Sal' allah Alayhi wa Salaam tells to. But we really Had taqwa Half things we want be doing... Not Praying, dating( Even so- called Halal dating), ,Zina,Cursing, Backbiting,Talecarring, Co-wife hating, Oppressing others with useless none sense over he said she said, Not Covering or not covering Properly, Imitating The Kuffar, NOt giving the wfe or the Husband their  rights, Every Holiday celebrate'n Kinda Muslim, Christmas, birthdays, Prophet Sal'allahi wa Salaam b-day,Easter And still say your a believer.( I know some don't know but thee many out there Like mixing in The dangers) (Moderate Muslim),Deviates, Marrying Non Muslim men,  marrying Unchaste women.  ect the Evils go on and on.
This is the fitnah we Facing an you wonder why some tells u to Fear Allah!! no need to wonder "Just do it" there might be people who like to here the sound of there own voice when speaking... Or no it alls or my fav Self Righteous, another fav you think your better. Guess what I am if you think yr self less than me not to even try to know. i might be a know it All because i/We  at  least try to know something that we keep from the hell fire ( inshaallah) , not passing this Life just to add Islam as a religion to yr paper work or Lip service award but Actually dare i say being one( a Mumin thats is)( there a difference) Is this what you became Muslim for to remain in the same shoes you walked in or change yr Life to bring you closer? how is  it bringing your self closer to Allah when you have changed nothing, How have you feared Allah? How are We  with these attitudes Protecting are families from they Hellfire? what is this teaching are children? Can we not see or Wrap in Hijab So tight were blind.
O you who believe! Ward off from yourselves and your families a Fire (Hell) whose fuel is men and stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern (and) severe, who disobey not, (from executing) the Commands they receive from Allâh, but do that which they are commanded.  66:6
Having Taqwa and Faith is Comes from Speech and Actions So if we are about these Evils how do we have Taqwa? how do we truly have Eeman?

The believers are only those who, when Allâh is mentioned, feel a fear in their hearts and when His Verses (this Qur'ân) are recited unto them, they (i.e. the Verses) increase their Faith; and they put their trust in their Lord (Alone); (Al-Anfal 8:2)

Who and what I'am I ranting About if your Asking Then you have not Listen I will tell you this is about Us and how we are.

Sisterhood and brotherhood is out the window but it can be found but we gonna fix ourselves and filter it out in or actions toward each other. Stop being Selfish. Concern your self what concern you How many of Do that!! were concerned with if She wearing Red Socks more than Does the sister have any thing else or need, Not giving glad tiding to one another. Soon as a sister does something do you really wan tto help or having something to talk about ( some of us or cackling hens with Not enough mommy duties at home). The ones half stepping on the deen when has the  last time u asked for help or where to go to learn something or  you waiting for your husband to teach you. Or your taking knowledge from the wrong type of people but yr so hooked on them you can't see what they teaching u in of no benefit to you are your life. and Those with Knowledge how do you use is it to benefit or make some one feel as if there Lower than Dirt under your shoes, how has your knowledge benefited you when you can't even get on the level to talk to someone who is ignorant in the deen to explain to them slowly( not to Agree upon Falsehood,this something No Muslim should do or aide in it). Or When the one being taught actually wants to listen ( instead of I know but) i think cuz) i feel ) I was raised) my culture blah blah, My hubby said, I know this shaykh and he said).Or the one who takes only one opinion and everything under the sun is Haraam cuz such and so said so and that it) not knowing or knowing the conditions of a thing, Makes it hard for us to get away from ignorance.
Be an example Set an example Follow the Most Honorable Example The Prophet Sal'allah Alayhi wa Salaam. Alhamdoulilah for true Guidance from Or Lord.
one more subject on one to touch on have a heart be straight up know one likes a liar or pretenders or posers. Next Hide yr Sins Stop trusting every Hijab wearing Niqabi wearing Female with yr business. Trust only one your Lord don't trust yr Self We are weak after All, return yr Affairs to Lord and him Alone. don't complain  to others andbe nasty when u get yr advice you didn't wanna hear. if you do find a trust worthy person masha allah  amongst the dishonorable there is honor alhamdoulilah. If a person who half practices the deen, should you be telling  them your business to them? there not even honest with them selves. Be careful of the internet Shaykhs and Shaykahs  not everything that looks shiny is golden. Spitting some Araby don't make Them one of the Ulama nor Knowledgeable. and the the Callers or so called Callers not on what is correct the minhaj is jacked to high heaven leave them folks alone( don't be like i like Him he so funny) how funny gonna help from the hell fire, how blind following gonna help improve yr self from the Ignorant people.
This is not All we are People were more than this, We  have a honorable status in this World . Are we too busy with the Kuffar? and being like them Metero maleing Brothers, Non dutiful women Bad mouthing females, Multiwives having government talking care of your responsibility men, Lacking on every level as a Muslim/Muslimah or even a human being acting like Animals. Are we of The Munafiqoon?  Sisters and brothers stop thinking Muslims are; Perfect ISLAM IS PERFECT!! people make mistakes and some just don't care, or ignorant and you do having Those striving Mutaqi/Mutaqiyyah   take there example make those your friends and companions because they strive and fear Allah and Follow Quran ad Sunnah by the understanding of the Believers the Salaf us Salih. Leave off the loose lip sisters / and Thugged out ghetto Fab brothers/ moderate Muslims. I would like to Clear we take the moderate Road as the Prophet Sal'allah alyahi wa salam But at the same not to remain upon Evil, and there is no Obedience to Creation with disobedience to the Creator. and half stepping in acts of Ibaadah, Innovating or doing something because you think is good or extra blessing that not Legislated , or just not doing what is Wajib upon on or anything not from the Quran or Sunnah, not even following the Sunnah cuz you think following Quran is All what u need to follow. doing this interfaith thing Mixing with the Kuffar making them your friends until the Swallow u Whole with confusion. The shaytan and the Kuffar are your open enemy  so act right and some of these Muslim want think the Kuffar treat them better than you (Mumin) break down these. there always more i just tap the head of this Nail.

I speak to my self first I'm the least knowledgeable  but I know what i see and it saddens me if i Offended any one I'm sorry but something had to be said. I'm  imperfect but I'm a Small speck of dust, a  servant who is striving Mutaqiyyah and will continue to be so until my last breath if Allah permits. I'm no Shaykh not even close but i do have eyes and i can see and sometimes Read. The Speech is of Allah azz wal Jal and the best Example is of the Prophet Sal'allah alayhi wa salam. If any errors are Made it is from me  and my ignorance May Allah forgive me and May He protect you from my ignorance. May Allah Guide us all and be upon Siratel Mustaqeem . Amin


If you don't believe Me just Look  at the Ummah and Change it by Allah Permission


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