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TeleLink classes on line

AsSalaamou alaikunna Ya akhwaati,

Greetings yall Busy? on the Go? want to sent down And Learn something and be on the Phone @ the Same time. Well i something for ya!!! Islamic Telelink Classes on Paltalk you can Tune in online or on the Phone.

Some Classes Emailed to me... very beneficial insha allah

From Masjidullah in Richmond ,Va
Importanance Advices for Believing women @ !:45
Call: 218-895-0679 put in the Pin 23222 and you will be connected to the Class EveryWeek

 Also from this Masjid
Islamic History Class Stories of Prophets every week @ 7:15pm

They Also have Live Khutbahs on fridays on Paltalk look Masjidullah

From Directed by Abu az-Zubayr Shadeed Muhammad
Class: Selected Hadith From Sunnah of The Prophet (Salla' allah alayhi wa salam)
Paltalk room Rowdha

Telelink: 712-432-3100 Pin 492792

Then you have from Bro Abu Yusef Khaleefah

Current class "Understanding La ilaha ill-Allaah"
Telelink: 218-936-7999 pin: 194395 

on Wednesdays at 9pm and Sunday at 9pm
Also on Paltalk Look for Whatisislam 1

And Review class held by sisters for sisters only to review notes taken in the Class please Email me for detail insha allah. or

To get to Islamic Rooms From  For to Religion& spirituality---->Islam----> then the Room's
(This only a Few of the classes being held on Paltalk and TeleLink)

Note: be careful  whom you take you knowledge from not All these Islamic rooms are upon the Quran and Sunnah. Insha allah Will make of List of Room of Ahul sunnah Wa Ja'maa..  a few are



Pal talk Room:  Back To The Basics Live From Laurel

                       Salafi Duroos Live

                       Senior Scholars Live


                       Masjidulghurabaa Live from Laurel

                       Masjidur Rahma Live-Newark, NJ

                       Masjidu Sahaba live- Columbos, Ohio

                       Masjidu At-Tawheed- Stone Mountain, GA

                       Masjidu At-Twaheed Live- Wilkes Barre, PA

                       Masjidu At-Tawheed Live- Chicago, IL 

                       Masjidu Ibadu Rahman live- Merritta, GA

                       Masjidu Al-Farooq Live- Atlantic City, NJ

                       Masjidu Abu Bakr Live- Atlanta, GA

                       Masjidu Salaam Live- Utah


Also on " knowing the True Islam

AlBaseerah.Org Clasee Schedule Link:



Umar bin al Khattab, radi Allaahu anhu said:
"There is no excuse for anyone going astray thinking that he is upon guidance.  Nor for abandoning guidance thinking it to be misguidance,since the affairs have been made clear, the proof established and the excuse cut off."
(Ibn Battah "al-lbaantul-Kubraa" #162)

O Allaah! I ask You for guidance, piety, safety and well-being, and contentment and sufficiency."
 (Allaahummaa innee as'alukal-hudaa wat-tuqaa wal-`afaafa wal-ghinaa).
 [Related by Muslim, no 2721]
Understanding Islaam<----click here
"O You Who Believe Enter Islaam Whole Heartily" click here


Comment Section

Greenville Masjid Information Center

Greenville Masjid

As salaamou alikum wa Rahmatuallah wa Baraktu The GreenvilleMasjid it's Located @ 96 Meridian Ave.

Taylors, SC 29687 .
Phone: 864-292-2219

**Please Note On Friday"s Jumma is held at the Upstate Islamic Center(UIC) 1601 Clement Drive,Greer,SC Please check Website for Additional information.

Insha allah Make Du'aa and Keep in Mind the Construction of the New Masjid and Islamic School
As- Sabeel Academy << click here.

Also Keep in mind the After school Program"As-Sabeel "Enrichment Hour". refer to below email for Details insha allah. If any Question about Volunteering Refer below as well.

Volunteers Needed !!

Other Local Masjid In the Upstate!!

Clemson Sc

Greenville Masjid News Letter

Upstate Islamic Center

Halal Market: HolyLand International Grocery
200 North PleasantBurg Drive(Unit C)
Greenville SC, 29607

Pita Grille
3217 WadeHampton Boulevard
Taylors, SC , 29687 (864) 292-8200
Pita Grille <<

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