Sunday, August 23, 2009

Preggo Fast!!

As salaamou alikum Akwaat,
Masha allah Going on to the Second Day of Ramadhan Masha allah Fajr is Hours away but i woke up lol.Fuzzykins is Hungry and he's not the Only one hummus and Bread any one? Since I Left My Social Networks to a Weekly visits I'm Here to Post about My Preggo Fast. It Was hard the baby Kept Kicking of food Warnings lol I was starving But you know what Made make though, 1). Pleasure of Allah 2). Duaa and lots of it 3). a Little Sleep didn't hurt 4). Dhikr, Because I wanted to fast the First day And I made it but my issue is Dehydration and Vomiting Well That happened b4 the fast ,Even with Meds and Guess What!! After the fast!! But ALhamdoulilah Allah Sustained me. But I think I will fast everyother Day From here on i Got Sick after iftaar but i felt it was Worth the Hug bowl Method any day. But My health is Also important And Allahu Allim.

As A Wise Note Sleeping Ramadhan Away is not the Answer it is Pure Laziness lol i had an Excuse though Lolz but We Must Never forget Ramadhan is Not Just letting off of Food and Drink( other impermissible Actions) but Leting of Wrongful Speech and Actions. May Allah Help us this Ramadhan to Gain and increase Our Ibadaah,Ilm,Quran And Taqwa. Most of Miss the Point and never seeks its benefit and Some or Ill can are unable but there options And with this Options Allah is Most Merciful. Lets Not be Ramadhan Muslims UmmmK Ramadhan is a Gas for the rest of year lets Fill up shall we.

I speak to My self before any of you, And if any of my speech was in Error May Allah protect you and you gain benefit of my wrongful speech. because the best Speech is that of Allah Azz Wal Jal and best example is that of Prophet Sallah Alayhi wa salaam.


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