Thursday, August 27, 2009

News Reel: Damaaj Attacked by the Shi'ah


In the name of Allaah most Merciful most Beneficient.


A number of Arabic newspapers are reporting that the Huwaythee Raafidah tribe attacked Shaykh Muqbil's camp during the month of August.

A recent attack took place on the 25th right before the Maghrib prayer while the Muslims were waiting to break their fast.

There were a number of deaths and injured.

We pray that Allaah accepts the dead from Ahlus Sunnah as martyrs.

Four from Imaam Muqbil's tribe have been killed, and they have requested that the students of knowledge in the center do not get involved.

The battle continues as is being reported by newspapers and some of the students in Damaaj were contacted and verified that there is a battle.


In the Riyadh paper it states in summary [translated] :

"Around twenty people were killed and tens more injured in skirmishes close the al Fat-h school which is run by the Salafees. All types of weaponry was used, ranging from light to medium weapons after two days since a treaty was reached between the two sides…"


It is also being reported that the Yemeni army is now involved to make peace between the two sides.

Further information can be : data/20090827/ innercontent. asp?val=outstate 1_3

http://www.alarabiy 2009/08/26/ 82969.html

http://www.albayan. ae/servlet/ Satellite? c=Article&cid=1250776427334&pagename=Albayan% 2FArticle% 2FFullDetail


We ask Allaah to support our brothers from Ahlus Sunnah, the Salafees and to turn the plots of the Raafidah, the Shi'ah against them, indeed He is able to do all things.

Please do not forget your brothers in your Du'aa in this blessed month.






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