Friday, July 3, 2009

A much needed Up dated on Me!!

As salaamou alaykunna ya Akhwaat,

Well I don't Write personal Post too much because Well i do have a Blog for that on Multiply, but If you have Multiply Look me up Ummismail. Moving on I'm happy to Post Articles here and Share them on my blogs to my Friends and Islamic Family, I love posting on My Womens Blog things that effect us as Muslim women from the View of Qu'raan and Sunnah from the understanding of the Salaf as Salih. So happy many of you have Joined me and I hope that its of benefit to you in this blessed Deen of Ours.
I must say i ran Accross Folks On all my blogs I can do with out because they have no Respect for there Reglion and Love to speak out the side of there Neck. They no Proof on what there Talking about Such How We as Women Should Dress , What Color ;Like it matters,Matter in Deen period ect.. Any how that's Them continuing to Move on.
Thank you those who comment on my blogs, I lack in this Because I email alot of my stuff in and to that those i follow I'm sorry.
Now my real reason for Writing Well I'm 2moro I will be 19 weeks Pregnant on 7/4/09 Masha allah. I think it's time to Share with you my news Please keep me in ur du'aa, everything is going well alhamdoulilah this is my Second Pregnancy. My son is now 2 years old and he's a Hand full but I'm proud of him although potting Traning is a Task but Allahu allim.
For those i Talked to Regular on MSn or Yahoo and even called I'm sorry I missed ya'll very much I just get Tried of being online alot but Empress, Ummtravis, Yasmeen Ect.. If i missed any one forgie me.

and due to the Fact i had Morning Sickness like hell on wheels, I lost 22 Pounds in a Month So i was put on a patch and Meds. alhamdoulilah it had Slowed down for the last 3 days no Vommiting. Yeaaaaaaaaaah!! So I'm Good Alhamdoulilah and My little family is good I think I might need some bigger clothes for Eid lol this is my first time being Pregnant in the Summer in Niqab Ahhhhhhhh.
Can you say i will be on my best behavior!! Lol I Debated with my self will i remove the Niqab while With child but so far i can breathe lolI and I know Summer want last Forever. So insha allah I will make it down here in the Southern Heat.

Ya'll Take Care and Be safe!!
Akhwaatee Billah


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