Monday, February 2, 2009

Bringing back Memories

As salaamou alakiunna wa Rahmatuallaahi wa Baraktuhu,

Alhamdoulilah ON Feburary 7th 2004 I took My shahaada in Egypt Seems like yesterday, Such a Fond Memory . Makes me think back where I was and Where I'm going, Striving for Jennah is My Ultimate Goal and Pleasing Allah Azz wal Jal. When I took my Shahaada I Just felt it! From Fasting in Ramadhan, just feeling the Closeness to Allaah Subahana wa Taa'ala. Too counting the movements when My Zawj Made Salaat to repeating the movements. To getting my first Qu'ran (MAsha allah i still have it) comparing the bible and Qu'ran, understanding the Respect the Qu'ran had for previous Scripture.

Understanding biblical contradictions that the Holy Qu'ran pointed out and the Wisdom Bestowed upon the Last Messenger Muhammad Sallaalayhi wa Salam, By Allaah the Most high. I didn't have A clear understanding to The "jesus Issue" but i knew Islam was for me, I Often get"How can you just Walk Away from being a Jehovah Witness" to Islam? it wasn't Hard. the Only thing was using My Brain and Looking at the Proofs. As Jw your Often Told to Go on the Proofs plus Celebrating birthdays, Shirkmas(Christmas), Thanksgiving Ect. Was no issue an adherent Muslims don't do that Either, but Excepting there is a Hell-Fire, Jesus is not the son of God AstaaghfirAllah!! ect..

And putting out of my mind there is a no Mediator between God and Men Ie Jesus (alayhi salam).. Learning that Even Jesus (alayhi salam) Believed in Tawheed (Oneness of Allaah). Knowing Jesus (Alayhi Salam) Served Allah Taa'ala not His creations, Jesus (alayhi salam) was Obedient Servant of the Most High he Submitted to the Will of His Rabb(Lord) never over stepping over any boundaries never asked for honor and praise for him self and Humbled him self as one the best Mumin. Masha allah. Jesus didn't Asked people to pray to him or take him as a god, nor Attribute him to be Allaah, or a Partner ,nor A Child!! Astraaghfirallah!! And Looking in depth at What was Mentioned" the Coming of a Helper" to Muhammad Ibn Abdullaah (sallallah alayhi wa salam). I was always Taught it was the Holy Spirit coming upon Isa(Jesus) alayhi salam. Not realizing Isa already had the Holy spirit Amongst him.

Understanding the (Aqeedah) Creed of the Blessed Deen Belief in Allah, His books, His Prophets, Akhirah,Qadr,Angels. The Arakan( 5 Pillars)..... And More

Becoming a Muslim Couldn't be for my Zawj nor any of his family but for me because If i die it will be on me. I Also Realize Allah Makes Muslims and it was His Will that Lead me here to Al-Islam.
Masha allah I Read and I learned and Soon began to Separate Culture from The Haqq(Truth), Learning the Deen Is based Upon Quran and Sunnah from the understanding of the Salaf.

Being a Muslim Upon the Correct Methodology, Not Blind Following but Looking at All the Proofs. And Keeping In mind Knowledge precedes Opinions. I have no strings , No names, I'm a Striven Mutaqiyyah who attributes upon the most honorable to this Deen Those who Preceded us by the Will of the Most High. I'm a Muslimah!!

I'm No Scholar, No Shayka..... My Ilm is limited I'm Striven Until I die Insha allah

On Feb.7th,2004 I became A better Monica. I became Aaisha Ibrahim Ali!! Alhamdoulilah

"Knowledge is best served in Truth"

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