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Debate with A Usamah Ibn Laden Supporter

Subject: [MAKTABAH-ALFAWAAID] Allamah Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab al-Banna's (hafithahullaah) debate with an Usamah ibn Laden supporter
Date: Saturday, January 3, 2009, 10:04 PM

Brother Abdulillah Lahmaami hafithahullah, the student of Shaykh Ubayd and other mashaykh of Madeenah wrote on 08-30-2003:
"Today after salatul Fajr in MASJID AS_SUNNAH AL MUHAMMADIA (the sheikh's masjid) Sheikh Muhammad Abdulwahhab al Banna hafidhahullaah began by mentioning the great event of the Day of Judgement as the Imam in the Fajr prayer beautifully read some of soorah al Hajj.

Then the sheikh spoke about the signs of the Day of Judgement in particular regarding the increase in Harj (killing). Then sheikh advised the congregation to follow His deen upon the Quran and Sunnah in the way of the sallaf us saalih not to split up into groups like ikhwaani, tableeghi ,suroori , etc.

Then the shiekh got up and shook hands with those around him and as he was walking to the door to go, he saw a Yemeni looking person wearing a black turban (being an unusual dress in saudi) and so the sheikh hafidhahullaah said to him, inquisitively, "are you from the Taliban?" then the person defensively said, "what is wrong with the Taliban?" This person praised Osamah Bin Laden and called him Mujaahid. The sheikh responded by first going back to his seat and called the man over to sit. We gathered around to listen to the shiekh.
He said "as for this turban, it resembles what the Taliban wore that is why i asked you whether you were from them." Then the person started accusing the sheikh of belittling the sunnah!! The sheikh let him finish and replied to him by saying he wasn't belittling the sunnah for he too wore a turban to cover his head and regarding his praise of Osamah ibn Laden the sheikh said that Osamah went out against the government here and that he calls for Jihaad in times of weakness. That Jihaad has conditions and he has caused more harm than good by praising those who hijack, bomb and commit suicide to kill civilians and women and children even in the Muslim lands. The person defended that Jihaad was present now. The sheikh said to him "where is your preparation? Do you have half the strength of the disbelieveres?" The person said that it wasn't a condition since in the end of time the Muslims will miraculously defeat an army more than twice their strength. The sheikh replied by saying "the sunnah of Allaah does not change as in mentioned in the last part of Soorah al Anfaal that: if there be amongst you 100 they will be able to defeat 200 and 1000 will be able to defeat 2000 by the will of Allaah and you cannot use a miracle that will happen at the end of time as proof to go out and fight Jihaad now when you have not prepared for it." Also the sheikh mentioned that Osamah ibn Laden is fighting behind which flag???Allaah mentions in Soorah al Baqarah that even the prophets did not call for jihaad except after being in leadership or behind a King that rules a land. The sheikh also mention proofs from Sahih Muslim from kitaab al imaarah (book of leadership) about obedience to the rulers in those things that are not disobedience to Allaah. But still the man was argumentative.

In the end the person was very argummentative saying these proofs are coming from those who have shakiness (zayg) in their hearts and so they follow the mutashaabih (doubtful matters)!!! This was a horrible accusation to the Sheikh.

So the sheikh with a stronger voice said "This is our way our proofs from Quran and sunnah in the understanding of the pious predecessors this is what we call to we will not accept your defence of Bin Laden and your speech. If you want to listen fine this is what we have and what the scholars are upon."

Then someone said to the man "which scholars praise Bin Laden??? and man couldn't answer then i heard the sheikh say "these Khawaarij, you will see your prayer and fasting difficient compared to theirs but they see only themselves as the scholars and don't recognise the scholars at all only themselves." Then the sheikh left."

may Allaah reward the Shaykh and brother Abdulillaah hafithahumullaah. May Allaah help the Muslims in Gaza and have mercy upon them. Aameen.


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