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When to eat During Eid

AsSalam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu

When to eat during the 'Eid Al Adha

The renowned scholar Ibn al-Qayyim said:

" for 'Eid-ul- 'Adhaa, then he (SAW) would not eat until he returned from the musallaa and he would eat from his sacrifice."45

The renowned scholar as-Shawkaanee 46 said:

"The wisdom behind delaying eating on the day of 'Adhaa, is because it is a day in which slaughtering and eating from the sacrifice has been legislated. Therefore it has been prescribed that the eating be from the sacrifice. This view was held by Ibn Qudaamah."47

45. Zaad-ul-Ma'aad (1/441).

46. In Nail-ul-Awtaar (3/357).

47. Refer to al- Mughunee (2/371).

The above is taken from The Rulings Concerning The Two Eids From The Purified Sunnah - Shaykh 'Ali Hasan 'Ali 'Abdul Hameed al-Halabi


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