Saturday, December 13, 2008

Post eid Party / Rant

As salaamou alikum sisters,

Today i had a pretty good day Masha allaah and i went to a post Eid Party at a local Masjid I want Mention which one there is no need.

But I had a bad experience there that made you not want to visit that masjid again. Walking in the Door Giving Salaams Twice and no Response, and i kept noticeing things they never spoke to the sister who came with me. and what ticked me off was a older sister talking to me like i was her child and i had to let her know i was not. She act like u can't always keep children in order with food if a child u young they gonna make a mess. that what a Broom and or a vacuum Cleaner is for, or better yet a mother is for.Not only that you come to Grill about a mess , and was not finish eatting but you can't even speak,Subhana Allah by the way i made the point out loud by asking a question " Is As salaamou alikum" universal or by Culture or does it have a Language barrier?" i know its stupid but not speaking is to. every one looked at me and one sister responded. so i talked to her by making all of them can hear me. So no fear of back biting.. any way i spoke to them it is the sunnah to return the greeting.. and not only that stop pointing fingers and talking in arabic and what not. I told them they way they act makes you not want to Return to this masjid, but the best thing is i didn't come here for you i came here for the sake of Allah.

I plan on writing the imam of the masjid so he needs to get the women order insha allah. May Allah Guide them and teach Respect and manners in the Deen... Ameen

I should be use to these types of actions it does not bother me but what if i was a New shahadah or a non- muslim coming to see what islam is. They would not return. Alahdmoulilah i did meet sisters that showed sisterly love and good character. Jazaki allahu khair ya akhwaat..

Now i too speak online sisters not all of you but some of you act like there in there own world and don't care to know any one except in there on little group(clique). i have deleted so many sisters it like there caught in a shell. i know it's not easy meeting good pious sister in fear of Fitnah but you will never know if you try. Some sisters don't even care and so i have made a rule if i call you are im you, one to three times(Sunnah) and no responds or return call. then it is don't i want try if you don't there many in Sc and else Where who made no efforts to know me. so I'm not hurt i just have moved on i have deleted you and its that simple. :) My Dh says if you don't see them you don't have worry if their ,there!!

I know life is busy but a courtesy Email or im to make sure your ok is respectful or a call. We never stopm Communicateing no matter how busy we are. but When no efforts are made why should continue... I 'm too old to chase sisters around. I'm loyal and i try to be truthful 100% and Respectful... and i try to let folks now what i'm up too. I no longer chase sisters in stores you see me i see u and if you make no effort i keep it moving there only so much i can do Allahu allim ..Shukran to sisters who make that Effort is so mice to hear from you.

I know some sisters are not phone people. then there email and if u don't have a computer, a text message , if no cell or pc land line if u don't have that Library if u don't have as car. I hope to Talk to u soon and may ur circummstance improve.



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