Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Take on some Issues

As Salaamou alikum Sisters,

This a NEw Islamic year as Well a new Regular Calendar year coming in a Few hours time,
I wanted to remind my Sisters and brothers in the Deen. This is still a kaafar Celebration and has nothing to do with Islam.Even wishing a New Hijra Year is not of the Sunnah this is Something Added to the Deen. Alot of folks are not willing to except the truth that is this is a innovation nor will to Fear Allah.But thats them May Allah Guide them upon the Haqq..Ameen

May Allah Help are Brothers and sisters In Gaza but at the same time this should awaken us not to Rally or Demonstrate but to be on are Deen and Pratice it. Because We Suffer by what are hands have Earned has any one wondered why there is so much Suffering in the Ummah? What so much tradgy?

Al- Anaam (6):164 Say: What! shall I seek a Lord other than Allah? And He is the Lord of all things; and no soul earns (evil) but against itself, and no bearer of burden shall bear the burden of another; then to your Lord is your return, so He will inform you of that in which you differed.

Because We are not together the Reason why Israel is on us because we let them bother us , We let them poke us with a Stick in are sides So to speak. We stand in Rallies and such but When will we stand for Our Lord and be Muslim upon the True Deen. the Rallies we hold the Kuffar are not listening to it, nor do they care So we stand to speak or voice aloud but we cannot stand to unite the Ummah upon Quran and Sunnah. We stand in impermmissible things We are not Right We have to change.. Has any one thought why? Our Action as a ummah has lead to suffering by or own hand,,, and The enemies of Islam or taking it all in and Killing our brothern. Straping a Bomb to yr chest Will not solve it not in Rallies but... Faith. This Actonsn Against Muslim is to break our Faith to lead us not to Rely upon Allaah Azz Wal Jal. They are Blind Sideing us we canot even see it....

The media Picks us apart with lies and most of the time we feed into it and live up to what they Preceive of us.

Where's our Voice when it come to the Deen? an standing firm upon an being upon the straight Path. Forbiding Evil asnd Enjoining Good.

but no we have to repeat every year not To celebrate Christmas, Evilween, Birthdays, New year, We have tell the Men to be men and wear the beards and be farr to the women, Every Year we have to tell the believeing women to Cover them selves properly. How can we stand We are not will to truly Submit but we are willign to submit to the desires of this World(Dunya). When will we LEarn? Ya Allaah

Making every excuse to be among them to be like them... Fight for ignorance rather than truth.

A duaa is more powerful than any Gun or sword or bomb.... Aideing or brothers with Food Shelter. Stop or brother and sister in
power to stand firm ad leave off the influence of the Kuffar.... beinig allies with people who Want to Kill us all. Subhana Allah....

How do we fix it Follow Quran and Sunnah in are Actions and Enjoin what s good and forbd what is evil. And Fear Alaah and fght those who harm you( the real people). Bombing a bus or buildiing like the Cowards killing the innocent is not what we are surrposed to do. but fight who fight us not the innocent. May allah us..ameen

I know some will not Agree and thats fine will me Maybe we still wake up and Smell Reality of our Pilte. insha allah

"Knowledge is best served in Truth"


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