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My eid

As salaamou alikum Wa Rahmantuallahi wa baraktu,

Lol i posted in my last Blog about my Eid it was a wonderful day and today ain't to bad either so i will repost it here. but on the days of Eid i wish i was back in Egypt Again i think it is better there. but here it goes. I have some pictures coming. insha allah to share with ya'll it was darn cold lol the whole time i was at the Palvilion. but being around my sisters my heart was Warm and full of Cheer. We were unable to Slaugther this year insha allah next year and Sending money to Egypt would not be Sufficent to equal a sacrifice.

Ruling of Slaughtering Outside Your Town by Sheikh Uthaymeen and Shaykh Fawzan

The following is a summary translation of a post taken from

Sheikh Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy upon him) said,

"...the sacrifice is a clearly defined worship, because if the intent behind the sacrifice was to benefit the people with the meat then the people would have bought meat and gave it away as charity on the day of the Eid.

Rather, the most important thing is the sacrifice for Allaah the Mighty and Majestic, as Allaah the Exalted said, 'It is neither their meat nor their blood that reaches Allaah, but it is piety from you that reaches Him.' (Sura Hajj verse 37)

Then also, if you sent out money to another town for the sacrifice to be done for you then you have opposed the command of Allaah, because Allaah the Exalted said, 'Then eat thereof and feed therewith the poor who have a very hard time.' (Sura Hajj verse 28)

And so is it possible for you to eat from it when it was sacrificed in Somalia?...No! Then you have opposed the command of Allaah.

And many of the Scholars have said, 'Eating from the sacrifice is obligatory and the person will be sinning if he leaves it off'.

And by this we know that the call to implore that money for the sacrifice is sent outside of the person's town is a call that is not correct.

And that it is not befitting for the people to partake in this, rather sacrifice at your houses and with your families and manifest the rites of Islaam in your town.

And whoever wants to benefit their brothers in the places where they are in need, then benefit them with money and with clothes and other than that.

But as for a rite from the rites of Islam that we use to draw near to Allaah by sacrificing and eating from it, then it is never befitting for the people to forsake this."

End of Sheikh's speech. (Tape entitled the rites of Hajj side one)

Shaykh Fawzan (may Allaah preserve him) said:

"And as for what has occurred from some of the people when they give the price of the animal to be sacrificed to a charitable organization to perform the sacrifice outside of the town and far away from the house of the one who intended the sacrifice, then this is opposed to the Sunnah and this is altering the worship.

Therefore, it is obligatory to leave off this alteration and to sacrifice at the homes and in the towns of the one who intends the sacrifice as comes in the Sunnah and as was done during the time of the Messenger of Allaah (Salalaahu alayhi wa Sallaam), before this invention occurred.

And verily I fear that this could be a bida' (innovation) .

And the Messenger of Allaah (Salalaahu alayhi wa Sallaam) said, 'Whoever introduces something into this affair of ours that is not from it will have it rejected.'

And he (Salalaahu alayhi wa Sallaam) also said, 'Beware of newly invented matters for every newly invented matter is an innovation and every innovation is astray.'

And whoever wants to give charity to those in need, then the door to charity is open and don't change the worship from its proper legislated method by giving it the name 'charity'."

So to that note it was only good to send money for them to get an animal for the selves we have to get are own and eat from the meat our selves allahu allim.

Well here is the post i made in Multiply enjoy!!
As salaamou alikuna Ya ahwaat,

My Eid was the bomb Went to bed at 2am back up for Fajr at 6:11am Lol Then Getting My Two kids Ready. ;) hehehehe Dh and ismail you how men are Can't find or do nothing by them selves. any how Takbeer at the Musallah starte @ 8am so We Started in the car lol Talking in between. And we made it there Safely ahamdoulilah. We were early so early we got a very good parking space. Right be side my right hand Woman my picture taker. So takbeer ended at by 8:30am And then the Prayer and Khutbah. Which i must tell was so funny the Shaykh lol after speaking on the Purpose of Eid-ual-AlAdha he go on the Women and the husbands about how they are dressing he took his Jacket type thing and placed half on his head and said this is not Hijab, you need dress proper before u come to the Eid Accroding to the sunnah. and he said to the men It not only the women but you must Check them and yr selves. ( my thing is this men want check they wives they don't even have a Beard and might have a Mustache). And he said The house and the new cars Keep from the Riba this is Haraam , messing with these things will put u ion the hell fire. do not sale Haraam in your stores ect.

Mind you since he has been here he repeats it but they don't listen and then he got them about the additions in the Takbeer is not apart of the sunnah.(May Allah Guide them to the right path..Ameen)

anf then after that Eid gift distrubtions then my baby got his gift masha allah i got it out the pac and got on the floor and started playing.( pictures coming soon u know i got you covered.

Then we stayed while chatting with sisters and we went home for a hour and back out the the indian Res. Called Saffoun oooooo so tastey and good and then bowling i never went bowling and it showed by the second setof games. i had learned from losing the first set. lol and we prayed at the bowling place and we were home before Maghrib. I had a Blast oooooooooooo weeeeeeeee...oh pictures on the way insha allah..... Alhamdoulilah .....

The Greenville Sc Ummah is Growing masha allah

I hope every one has a wonderful blessed days of Eid , and today eid rolls on I ate some good ole food again ooooooweeeeee. then it back to closeing the lips after or aleast trying too.



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