Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm Sorry

As salaaamou alikum,
To my sisters and brothers in the Deen I'm sorry for any words i have said that was said with ill treatment and not with 100% knowledge. And that is it not always Proper to Tell ones Feelings they might be understood. I lack Tactfulness and I know it I lot thing irritate me. And some I have good Reason No Care or respect of Islaam and our no Respect for ones Self. but things based upon feelings is risky business for that i took the risk. So i Have to step up and Apologize Hidden things can sometimes stay hidden Masha Allah. to that Please my Brothers and Sisters don't Hold it against me I'm Truly Sorry and Regretful of any actions that's was due to ignorance on my Part. In this blessed Deen i still many things to Learn So bare with me insha allah that I can overcome these Errors and Make anew!!:)
I love and Fear my LoRd and I must Please Him but i must have respect for others feelings.

Next: To our brothers ans sisters in Gaza Please keep thing in yr Du'a insha allah and be mindful of Quran and sunnaH upon any actions on my other blog i have posted Verdicts Dealing in Revolts, Demonstration and so forth. Link: Scroll down insha allah

Also this a Video sister Umm Travis Posted on some Facts and Also HttP:// as some interesting Articles as Well.

Beware it has Music so you can Turn the Volume down if you wish!!


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