Saturday, November 1, 2008

Healthy Muslim Spead the Word!!

Dear Muslim,

As you know, your body is a great trust
and after the acceptance of Tawheed and
Imaan, it is the greatest asset you have
enabling you to fulfil the purpose of
your existence.

A great new website has just been
launched that will give you guidance on
how to look after and maintain this
gift that is the body and mind.

This site is a growing online resource
that aims to provide coverage on all
aspects of health, nutrition and disease
with a specific focus on natural health
and sound principles of nutrition.

Please take a look now:

We hope that by way of this resource
you are able to better understand the
principles of nutrition and are able
to make good sound decisions that will
impact positively on your own health
and the health of your children.

Please try to spread this site as far
and wide as possible in order to
maximize the benefit.


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