Tuesday, October 14, 2008


As salaamou alikum Ya Akhwaat,

I want to thank my sister for there Encourageing and INtersting Blogs, I get a Lot of Idea from and adding new things. So my Blog can be Better and be of better benefit. Shukran May Allah Reward you Ameen..

Next sisters I hope every to have a wonderful Week Those that are in the Greenville Sc Area there is classes that will be going on in the Week insha allah GO to the Website for the Greenville Masjid. Http://

I would like to remind you of classes being Held on PAltalk there is a link on the Page feel free to Add me and or click on some of the rooms posted there. but be Cautious as Always.

On Friday is your unable to make the masjid they have live khutbahs ad various Masjids. Alhamdoulilah..... oh don't forget the Dead line for the COntest it is Oct. 25

Have a wonderful Day



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Greenville Masjid Information Center

Greenville Masjid

As salaamou alikum wa Rahmatuallah wa Baraktu The GreenvilleMasjid it's Located @ 96 Meridian Ave.

Taylors, SC 29687 .
Phone: 864-292-2219

**Please Note On Friday"s Jumma is held at the Upstate Islamic Center(UIC) 1601 Clement Drive,Greer,SC Please check Website for Additional information.

Insha allah Make Du'aa and Keep in Mind the Construction of the New Masjid and Islamic School
As- Sabeel Academy << click here.

Also Keep in mind the After school Program"As-Sabeel "Enrichment Hour". refer to below email for Details insha allah. If any Question about Volunteering Refer below as well.

Volunteers Needed !!

Other Local Masjid In the Upstate!!

Clemson Sc

Greenville Masjid News Letter

Upstate Islamic Center

Halal Market: HolyLand International Grocery
200 North PleasantBurg Drive(Unit C)
Greenville SC, 29607

Pita Grille
3217 WadeHampton Boulevard
Taylors, SC , 29687 (864) 292-8200
Pita Grille <<

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